Founding Fathers - Julian Linskill

Founding Fathers - Julian Linskill

Founding Fathers – Julian Linskill

Julian Linskill was born in London, but his parents re-located to Liverpool when he was a child and he describes himself as an ‘adopted son of Liverpool’.

Julian studied law at Liverpool University and after graduation spent a couple of years as a tour guide in London. He then joined Joseph Norton and Co Solicitors in Liverpool as an Articled Clerk. Julian says “Joseph Norton was a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool and an excellent advocate.”

When Julian qualified as a solicitor in 1975, he stayed with the firm for a short time before moving abroad. Returning to the UK he joined Malcolm Ross Solicitors, but in 1978 he decided that he had the skills and ambition to set up on his own, and so Linskills was born.

Julian started out with just a secretary and began by specialising mainly in crime work. As the firm expanded they also added legal services in welfare rights, personal injury, civil litigation and domestic conveyancing. In 2000 the firm moved to Castle Street in the city centre.

Julian’s reputation as one of Liverpool leading criminal defence solicitors can not be overstated. He has defended in well over one hundred murder cases. One of his most notorious cases was that of a client who murdered and then dismembered his wife, leaving her body parts on the beach at Southport. Julian adds “This was my most famous case, but not necessarily my finest hour.

Julian has also represented celebrities and remarked that on occasion they have been asked for an autograph whilst being charged!

Julian is a Higher Court Advocate and argues cases in the magistrates’ court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal. He is also a Specialist Criminal Lawyer and a member of the Serious Fraud Panel.

Julian is very concerned at the relentless attacks by successive governments on the legal profession. He states, “I feel there is a more sinister desire by government to weaken the defence establishment.”

Despite being the founding partner, Julian says that he is still takes a very ‘hands on’ approach and has little time for interests outside of the law, “The law is a very demanding mistress and I have very little spare time. However I do like to take a walk in the park, take my wife out for dinner and have a passion for travelling. Our daughter has recently moved to Australia and we have been to visit a number of times which have been hugely enjoyable.”

Julian Linskill is the Senior Partner of Linskills.

Linskills are a law firm that specialise in criminal defence and human rights throughout England and Wales. For a free consultation call 0800 0963 238 or send us a message.

This is an abridged article taken from the Liverpool Law magazine, which first appeared in October 2015.  The full interview can be accessed here.