Response to the Duty Solicitor Tender

Response to the Duty Solicitor Tender

Response to the Duty Solicitor Tender

Congratulations to the eight…

We understand that last night eight law firms were offered a Government Duty Solicitor Contract to cover the whole of Merseyside for the next four/five years

Assuming that these businesses now sign a contract with the Ministry of Justice they will effectively become part of a public defender service, similar to some systems in America.

Linskills are proud to be independent and fearlessly defend their clients against injustice.

In an email to the company following last night’s announcement, the Managing Partner, Alaric Walmsley said:

“We truly have a great team of people with real expertise, dedication and loyalty – from our Receptionist right up to the Senior Partner. I would not want to be working anywhere else.

We will shortly engage in a marketing campaign for people that have been arrested. Word of mouth is spreading through social media. We are ahead of our competition.

We have already established our own referral networks so that we were not so dependent upon the old Duty Solicitor Scheme. These come from a variety of sources, such as the Royal College of Nursing, National Motoring Lawyers and Linked to Law.

We have real expertise and a unique character. We are now agile enough to adapt to any situation. If we can survive the next couple of years of change (which means being innovative and proactive in every aspect of what we do). I truly believe that we will flourish.

I said in 2012: “I know that change can be difficult, but restructuring and change is absolutely vital for our survival. This firm depends almost wholly upon publicly funded criminal legal aid. Year on year we have suffered devastating cuts and the amount of work passing through the courts has declined, whilst competition for business has increased. Our existing contract with the Legal Services Commission is due to end in eighteen months. After that we will move towards some form of competitive tendering where competition will also come from national law firms and the Bar. We will not survive if we do not change and change quickly.”

And in 2013: “”We need to be in a position to compete and succeed in a difficult and uncertain economic environment. We will do that by becoming a lean and dynamic firm, a firm known for putting clients first and for getting things done. We will be a smaller, more nimble firm, better equipped to innovate and grow within an ever-changing legal market.”

We have been preparing for this situation for the past three years. The future is full of opportunities. I intend for us to celebrate our 40th year (in 2018) as a celebrated independent law firm that is known nationally for fighting for client’s rights and with a reputation that we are proud of!

Alaric Walmsley is the Managing Partner of Linskills.

Linskills is an independent law firm that was established in 1978 and helps people accused of crimes throughout England and Wales. For a free consultation call 0800 0963 238 or send us a message.